Thengwe Secondary School

Mutale Village, Vhembe district, Limpopo (2016)

Thengwe Secondary school, located in Mutale Village, Limpopo, is one of Prof. Jonathan Jansen's (UOFS) 'Schools that work'

On the back of our successful Vele Secondary School project (about 20km from Thengwe as the crow flies) we were approached by Tshikululu, a CSI spend NGO linked to Anglo American/De Beers, to work on this project.  The brief was for a centre for the exclusive advancement of Maths and Science and to create a place  closer in 'look and feel' to a university than a high school.  

The centre includes a tiered auditorium/lecture theatre and 3 dedicated teaching spaces together with associated staff room, office and ablutions. It is anticipated that the centre, and especially the Auditorium, will be used by surrounding high schools and we thus elected to situate the building apart from the existing classrooms, close to the front entrance to reduce disturbance when used by visitors. The arrangement begins with a public square/assembly space and teaching learning spaces are linked by a ramp up the slope that returns to the roof of the Auditorium. The building is currently under construction (mid 2015) and, when complete, will employ wi-fi and digital/virtual platforms for teaching and learning - tablets and/or laptops.



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