Cornubia Neighbourhood Retail Facility

Cornubia Neighbourhood Retail Facility

Cornubia, KwaZulu-Natal (2016)

The building had its’ genesis (2014) as a ‘spaza park’ – conceived of as an ‘emergency temporary installation’ in response to informal trading that residents of phase 1A were carrying out from the ground floor of their newly occupied, double storey homes - the nearest ‘bread-milk-smokes corner shop’ was a 30 minute pitch darkness walk away at Mt Edgecome Spar!!! The suggested site was zoned ‘indeterminate’ and was, at the time the only piece of flat, open land in phase 1A – consequently used for football games, marquee church services and regular community meets. Earlier schemes suggested a ‘laager’ of containers around an open space that could continue to accommodate casual community use and ball kick-around. Over time and several iterations and after numerous consults with councilors and eThekwini line departments the project morphed into a more formal, permanent facility with a determined brief of Tavern, Butchery, a few Spazas, Community Meeting Room, Car Wash/Taxi Service - all arranged around a netted Action Soccer Pitch – we fought hard for this to be included!!! Formally, the building is typical single level, court-yarded, with parapets and inward sloping roofs. The resulting ‘heart’ accommodates the action soccer pitch, parking for the carwash and a grassed bank and trees. The building was completed and occupied in mid 2018.



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