East Coast Architects was founded in 1996 and locates itself on the eastern seaboard of southern Africa in the sub-tropical port city of Durban.

The majority of our projects are community-based and our design processes are both inclusive and transparent.

We hold that if, through good design, we can create built environments that use and consume resources sparingly then our projects will leave lighter environmental footprints as well as reducing the financial burden for our clients.

Our projects are typically process-based with a strong emphasis on context & teamwork. The deeper the contextual research and the more intense the levels of community engagement, the more deliberate the process, and ultimately the better the chance of a sustainable, satisfying result for all.


Derek van Heerden

B. Arch,
Pr. Arch SACAP No: 5305

Steve Kinsler

B Arch, B. Agric,
Pr. Arch SACAP No: 5269

BartJan Hooft

B. Arch, MSc. Arch,
Pr.Arch SACAP No: 35134793